Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ohio transit/legislative summit in March with All Aboard Ohio

Check out for a March 7th day in Columbus.

From their Interim Executive Director, here's an explanation of the day:

The Third Annual Rail/Transit Legislative Summit is an event that will be attended by those people interested in affecting change in state transportation policy. The Summit gives you, the private citizen, a chance to act for the improvement of public transit and improved passenger rail transportation for the state and the region. Last year’s summit was attended by nearly 100 concerned citizens and resulted in the Ohio Senate unanimously approving a resolution of support for the Ohio Hub Plan. My sincere thanks go to those who attended the summit last year.

It is important to attend this event because legislators listen and act accordingly when a large number of private citizens from their own districts come together for a common cause. The year 2006 was an important election year for our new governor, state and federal legislators. These new representatives of Ohio must be made aware of the benefits that increased investment in rail development and transit operations bring to our communities. In order to be effective in our message, citizens who want improved transportation options must act with a unified voice. All Aboard Ohio is hosting this event to provide support for that voice.

Through advocacy impact and increased membership, All Aboard Ohio is the fastest growing non-profit transportation advocacy organization in Ohio. We advocate for the improvement of all forms of transportation, especially rail transportation as it is the most effective and efficient means to move people and goods across the state and the region.

I look forward to seeing you at the Summit on Wednesday, March 7th.


Andrew M. Bremer
Interim Executive Director

If you live in Ohio, make sure to attend!


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