Thursday, March 29, 2007

Missouri House moving the wrong way on Amtrak investment

When Illinois is about to double ridership on Amtrak service because of a broad, deep, bipartisan understanding that running trains between cities makes great economic sense, the Missouri House is going the wrong way by reducing their Amtrak investment.

article in Missourinet explains that the Missouri House decided to cut back their state partnership with Amtrak. Fortunately, the Missouri Senate has traditionally corrected that policy mistake by the House, but that's a bad decision by the House.

With 5 trains a day between St. Louis and Chicago, Missouri should be figuring out how to run more Amtrak trains into St. Louis to draw passengers deeper into Missouri (particularly Branson and Kansas City), and improve the economic climate of the rest of the state by drawing tighter connections with Chicago.


Blogger Eric Rogers said...

Perhaps the Missouri House would be more supportive of rail if MHSRA was more active outside of Springfield. Here in Missouri we simply don't have the rail advocacy infrastructure that you do in Illinois. While your groups talks about the entire Midwest, it seems like a very Chicago-centric organization.

11:35 AM  
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