Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lobby day: July 11

From one of our allied organizations: a lobby day for Wednesday, July 11th for transit funding! It's Springfield time...

CNT is helping to organize a Transit Lobby Day Wednesday July 11th in support of SB 572. We are asking organizations to and send a representative(s) to Springfield for the day and invite their membership to participate. We are planning on taking Amtrak to Springfield in the morning but we are also exploring the idea of renting a bus and splitting the cost.

We hope to start the day at 10:30 with a quick overview of the legislation and distribution of materials (fact sheets, etc). If you or your organization is interested in participating please email or call me. We would like to have a large group to demonstrate how important this issue is to the people of Northeastern Illinois.

For more information on SB 572, please visit House sponsor Rep. Julie Hamos’ website: www.juliehamos.org/transit/. I also expect there to be further amendments to the legislation including the CTA pension agreement and RTA governance changes.


David Le Breton

Project Manager, Transit Future


Center for Neighborhood Technology


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