Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Huge ridership gains in Illinois fuels national ridership increase

From this Amtrak press release:

Annual Amtrak Ridership Sets All-Time Record; Fifth Straight Year of Increases Ridership Tops 25.8 Million, $1.5 Billion in Passenger Revenue

WASHINGTON — Amtrak ridership in Fiscal Year 2007 increased to 25,847,531, marking the fifth straight year of gains and setting a record for the most passengers using Amtrak trains since the National Railroad Passenger Corporation started operations in 1971.


On the Chicago-St. Louis Lincoln Service corridor, ridership is up by 55.8 percent for the state trains and 42 percent for the corridor, with total of 477,888. Ridership between Chicago and Carbondale, the route the Illini and Saluki trains share with the City of New Orleans, is up by 67.4 percent for the state-supported trains and 46 percent for the corridor, totaling 263,809. For the Chicago-Galesburg-Quincy route of the Illinois Zephyr, Carl Sandburg and other trains, ridership has gained 41.4 percent for the state-sponsored trains and 33 percent for the route, with 194,535 passengers.


Check out the press release for lots more good stuff.


Blogger plaws said...

Interesting to see that the Carbondale route is up by two thirds when frequencies are only up by half.

The Quincy route doubled though and ridership is only up by not quite a half.

BTW, can't the company show us a real measurement? Passenger-miles? Please? And also passenger-miles per train-mile (which should actually look quite good, ironically because of the cuts over the last 10 years and the transfer of Clockers to NJT).

2:36 PM  
Blogger UChicagoDomer said...

i had heard that the chicago-st. louis route is extremely slow and beset by problems with freigh ROWs. Is this true? is it even worth taking the trip if I can drive there faster?

1:46 PM  

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