Friday, January 23, 2009

Stimulating Planning Will Lead To Better Transit Stimulus

Anecdotal evidence suggests that in the rush to maximize transportation stimulus, we may make a longer-term mistake costing current jobs and future opportunities. In my own experience gathering data on "shovel ready" rail projects, I've found that even where needs may be substantial and immediate, the ability to to translate the needs into "shovel ready projects" on extremely short notice isn't always there.

As John Bredin has suggested, it may be smart to fund those 'ready to go' projects that exist and are worthy of funding, provide a bit of time for longer-term funded projects to start (a year?), and recognize that developing good stimulus plans may involve funding planning and the longer-term projects resulting from it.

In order to offer a better idea of the universe of projects ready to go in 2009, next week I plan to post "U.S. Shovel Ready Rail Projects Part II - Starting Within A Year." "Part II" will benefit from a much larger data set than "Part I" - hopefully offering more transit possibilities for thought and action.

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