Monday, February 09, 2009

Reps Dan Lipinski and Corrine Brown Circulate Letter For More Stimulus Infrastructure Dollars for Transit and Rail

Rep. Dan Lipinski (D - Illinois) and Rep. Corrine Brown (D - Florida) are circulating a sign-on letter trying to influence the anticipated conference between the U.S. House stimulus bill and the U.S. Senate version, which will likely be voted on today.

Here's what the two bills currently look like (thanks to The National Corridors Initiative for the breakdown):

House and Senate Bill Comparison on Transit and Intercity Passenger Rail:

Program Passed House Bill Proposed Senate Bill
Grants to Amtrak $800 m $850 m
Grants to States for Rail $300 m $250 m
High-Speed Rail 0 $ 2 b
Total Rail $1.1 b $3.1 b
Transit Formula Funds $7.5 b $8.4 b
Fixed Guideway Modernization $2 b 0
New Starts $2.5 b 0
Total Transit $12 b $8.4 b
Discretionary Grants 0 $5.5 b

The Lipinski/Brown letter requests that stimulus infrastructure spending increase to $85 billion, with $12 billion for transit and $5 billion for intercity passenger rail.

Click Here to Urge Your Congressional Representative to Sign the Lipinski/Brown Letter to Support Mass Transit and Passenger Rail
. It will take just a minute - and the positive effects could last more than a lifetime!


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