Friday, March 13, 2009

Now That's Frequent - San Fran High Speed Rail Every 5 Minutes!


Blogger Christopher Parker said...

The TGV in France has that much frequency - but each train is going somewhere different and most frequent service to any one destination is Lyon which is mostly hourly.

Remember that the faster you go, the more time slowing down for a stop costs you. Specifically, it costs the TGV 8 minutes to stop at Macon, only 2 of which are for boarding and alighting. So high-speed trains encourage non-stop, or few stop services.

It's not unreasonable to expect that on this route. Imagine SF-LA hourly. SF-Stockton/Merced hourly. SF-Fresno/Bakersfield hourly. SF-San Diego hourly. SF-Anaheim hourly. SF-Riverside. SF-Ontario. SF-San Bernadino. SF-Pheonix. SF-Las Vegas That's less than every 7 minutes right there. Add in less frequent service to small points.

8:17 PM  
Blogger BruceMcF said...

And don't forget the Sacramento route in Stage 2 or 3 ... its when Sacramento to SoCal joins the Bay to SoCal routes that the route maps hits its greatest total number of services per day.

There will definitely be an all-stations train for SF / Anaheim, in support of the wide variety of trip pairs it provides, but also Express SF / SJ / LA / Anaheim, likely semi-express services that act as a local on one end of the the other of the line, and then run express, providing close to express services without transfer to the stations bypassed by the Express.

Non-stops may be less common, because the loss in patronage from throwing away trip pairs is not justified by the time savings (8 minutes is a far cry from the delays that push airlines toward non-stops), but SF/SJ/LA/Anaheim, for instance, is key to offering travel on that route that is under 3 hours LA/SF.

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