Friday, August 14, 2009

Holy Toldeo!

Toldeo's Democratic mayoral candidate, Keith Wilkowski, has the right idea. He knows that Toldeo is ideally positioned to redirect trains coming from Detroit on to Cleveland, Columbus and Fort Wayne and trains from Ohio and Indiana on through Detroit to Ann Arbor or Ontario. The possibilities are beautifully illustrated on this map provided by the Midwest High Speed Rail Assoc.

It is important that planners, legislators and advocates remember to include midsize cities, like Toledo and Fort Wayne, in the discussion. Those cities will serve as vital transfer points throughout the network, thus allowing passengers a more direct trip instead of always having to transfer in Chicago.

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Blogger neroden@gmail said...

That map shows Chicago-Gary as being an outrageously important link.

Notably that's also the crucial passenger link in CREATE.

Notably it's also the place where Amtrak trains slow to a crawl today.

Let's build Englewood flyover, and then let's get us a 110 mph track for passengers from Union Station to Gary! (I count three major bridges which need to be built, the biggest being over the Dan Ryan Expressway.)

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