Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amtrak & Disney, HSR oversight and CTA Seniors

Amtrak and Disney have teamed up for a 16,000 mile 36 state tour to promote another remake of A Christmas Carol.

Events and promotions like this are hopefully just the beginning of what will be a cultural shift towards engaging young minds in passenger rail. Yes, I know it's just a train promoting a movie, but hopefully our country's movement towards Higher Speed Rail, hopefully High Speed Rail in the not too distant future, coupled with promotions and events that interest children will nurture the next generation of travelers who will utilize rail because they grew up with it being the fastest, most comfortable and most fun way to travel. Making passenger rail enjoyable for all ages through improved performance, competitive pricing and enticing marketing campaigns will have a lasting and positive effect on our nation's transportation and social landscape.

Thanks to Streetsblog Capitol Hill for its entry on HSR Oversight.

S. 1638: The Amtrak Secure Transportation of Firearms Act is currently making its way through Congress.

On a non-HSR, but still interesting note, Mayor Daley has suggested lawmakers reconsider free rides for seniors, people with disabilities and military personnel during the CTA's latest budget crisis, which is resulting in fare increases from $2.25 to $3.00 for the L.

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