Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bring Lawyers, Guns and Money

I am sure lawyers were involved when last night Congress approved guns to be carried on Amtrak along with a spending bill that includes $2.5 billion for HSR (a compromise between the Senate's $1.2 and House's $4 billion. You might ask what can $2.5 billion get you when it comes to HSR. Well it will get you more than $1.2 and less than $4. Other than that, we will have to wait until early next year, just 22 days away, to find out which corridors the federal government has faith in.

Good News for HSR out Springfield from -- Illinois Department of Transportation agreed Wednesday to finance a study on behalf of the city of Springfield that could help determine which route through the Capital City is best suited for faster Amtrak trains. Illinois wants to install a second set of tracks along the Union Pacific Railroad line running between Chicago and St. Louis in order to boost train speeds to 110 mph, up from the current high speed of 79 mph.

*Cooperation on potential HSR corridors between state and local lawmakers will likely improve the odds of landing a some of the $8 billion.


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