Friday, December 18, 2009

Charlie Crist wishes a Merry Christmas with HSR


U.S. Rep (Florida) John Mica has stated that the finalists for the HSR stimulus funding has been narrowed down to Chicago, Texas, California and Florida. The announcement is expected to be made in late January or early February of 2010.

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Blogger plaws said...

Mica's an oddball when it comes to rail. Is he for it or against it?

I think he's a bit of a show-boater, too, and this may be part of that.

If what he says is true, and FOX is to be resuscitated, then he'll take credit.

If it's not true (I hope it's not /all/ true) then he can blame those "nasty, ol' bureaucrats in Warshington".

Win-win for him.

11:31 AM  

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