Saturday, March 06, 2010

CREATE: Englewood flyover construction

As many as 1,500 new jobs could be created from construction of the flyover at 63rd and State in the Englewood section Chicago. The flyover will separate Metra from Norfolk Southern tracks that carries southbound Amtrak train. The project is part of the CREATE program and was funded with $133 million in stimulus dollars. The completed flyover will eliminate the daily conflict between 78 Metra Rock Island trains and approximately 60 freight and Amtrak trains.

Below, the project is announced by Mayor Daley and Gov. Quinn reinforces the importance of rail infrastructure to Illinois' role as an inland port.

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Blogger mattmcc said...

Great concept and should've been done right after the 1971 creation of Amtrak and the subsequent abandonment of the ex-NYC tracks. My favorite part of the video is that the commuter train shown is on the ex-Milwaukee Road tracks entering the north throat of Chicago Union Station about 8 miles away on a line completely unrelated to the flyover. News accuracy strikes again!

8:48 PM  

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