Monday, December 24, 2007

The wonder of super-highways from Disney in 1958

From the New York City Streets Blog comes this freaky look at the future as envisioned by Disney car enthusiasts in 1958. Check it out -- it's a nine-minute animated short film of 'the future' of highway travel.

Consider the immense marketing power put behind the cause of building and funding with tax dollars the highway network.

And try to think how we can inspire people to start doing that with an intercity passenger rail network today!

Happy Holidays.


Blogger Andrew said...

Is the message behind posting this, that we need Disney's support behind restoring Passenger Rail travel or bringing HSR to the USA/Midwest/West Coast? If there is a single project you could try to get Disney to invest in, it would be the LA to Vegas Maglev line.
Interesting vision of the future from the 1950's, yet no estimates on how much this infrastructure would cost in future dollars. Thanks for posting.

7:02 PM  

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