Monday, March 08, 2010

The future of Amtrak technology

The future of Amtrak is looking bright after Amtrak released a RFQ (Request for Qualifications) for developing an onboard a wireless platform that will provide:
  • Wi-Fi for passengers on ALL trains
  • Support automated on-board signage to make announcements and provide information en route
  • A secure Wi-Fi channel for Amtrak to conduct on-board transactions (such as ticketing or on-board sales)
  • Support for content catching (data gathering) and delivery, such as audio and video entertainment

Could one of these resemble the future seatbacks of Amtrak trains??

*Left: JetBlue -- Right: Virgin America



Blogger Matthew said...

It's about time. A tremendous selling point of rail over auto travel is the ability to be productive while reaching one's destination.

The longer the Amtrak trip, the more important this becomes so it's nice they seem to be including the national network trains.

7:45 PM  
Blogger plaws said...

"caching" not "catching". Akamai, for example, runs a network of content-caching servers across the net so that when you pull from, say,, you are often pulling from a cache that is much closer to you than wherever has its servers.

Likely, they expect to have a local cache on the train so that the 2nd person that tries to load, say,, pulls it from cache and not across the wire(less).

2:43 PM  

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