Thursday, March 11, 2010

HSR and Airlines co-existing

The Wall Street Journal reports that during an address earlier this week to the Federal Aviation Administration’s annual forecasting conference, Sec. Ray LaHood made the future very clear when saying,

“Let me give you a little bit of political advice: Don’t be against high-speed rail,’’ Sec. LaHood said. “It’s coming to America. This is the president’s vision, this is the vice president’s vision, this is America’s vision…. We’re going to get into the high-speed rail business.’’

In two or three decades, Mr. LaHood said, U.S. cities will be connected by high-speed rail – whether airlines like it or not.

“People want alternatives,’’ he said pointedly. “People are still going to fly, but we need alternatives. So get with the program.’’


For anyone out there on Twitter, Amtrak now has an account --

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